Handmade dog leash lined with neoprene – Pixels

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Handmade dog leash “Pixels” with neoprene lining along the entire length. The soft handle adds comfort to use. All metal fittings are nickel-plated to prevent corrosion. The leash is 140 or 200 cm long.

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140 or 200 cm


Stain- proof and waterproof fabric

We have obtained amazing leash design thanks to the fabric. This fabric is waterproof and has increased resistance to friction. Thanks to its structure and coating,it is very easy to clean, which makes it a dirt-resistant. The perfect combination for dogs that like to smelly in the mud or swim in the lake. As a result, we not only get a great look, but also usability.


Nickel-plated fittings

The fittings used to manufacture the leash are nickel-plated, so they will not corrode. The leash is fastened using a durable metal snap hook.

Leathercraft threads

For sewing, we use leather thread, which is extremely durable and resistant to external conditions. Designed for sewing leather. They are not exposed to UV rays, dirt and water. To further strengthen the strength, the elements most exposed to jerks are sewn several times.



The underside of the leash is fully lined with neoprene. This fabric is known for its softness and rapid drying. As a result, it is very pleasant to touch and does not rub your hands.

It all creates a wonderful product that has an original appearance and amazing durability. Get some luxury for yourself and your dog!



  • durable snap hook

  • waterproof and stain-proof fabric

  • neoprene lined leash = soft handle

  • strong leathercraft threads

  • resistant to external conditions

  • amazing design

  • width: 3 cm length: 140 or 200 cm


For smaller dogs, it is possible to use a smaller snap hook – please provide this information when ordering.

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140 cm, 200 cm